Bark Cloth goes BARKTEX®

BARKTEX® is made from the traditionally manufactured bark cloth.

Through a variety of textile, wood, leather and polymer technology, it undergoes a metamorphosis that makes it even more beautiful (BARKTEX®_aesthetics) and/or gives it additional functions (BARKTEX®_functionals).

Many of these processes take place in our manufactory in Uganda - using additives which are strictly either self-made or produced in Germany. Thus, a maximum value is generated on the spot and income is generated in a structurally weak region. We can therefore offer the extremely labor-intensive semi-finished products at a fair price-performance ratio for everyone involved: the customers, the employees and ourselves.

In the production, we place emphasise on 'de-materialized' structures and 'intelligent low-tech', making ourselves largely independent from the local infrastructure. Learn more about it on  'People' and the NASA Innovation Competition on manufacturing systems, in which BARK CLOTH was awarded a winner.

Some of the procducts are finished in Germany either by commission processing or in our studio. This Ugandan-german double-track approach creates flexibility and reliability. Most of the BARKTEX® specialties are permanently available from our warehouse in Germany. Others are tailor-made according to your requirements.



Pretty. Prettier. BARKTEX®

BARKTEX®_aesthetics is made from the traditionally manufactured Bark Cloth.

Through various surface techniques and finishes, the deep texture is heightened, the surface is...


Because aesthetics only is not always enough.

BARKTEX®_functionals is made from BARKTEX®_aesthetics or the traditionally made BARK CLOTH, in order to meet modern requirements on functionality for various applications.

Several textile, wood, leather or polymer technologies are used to achieve the functional...


The BARKTEX® of the future.

BARKTEX® cutting-edge is a promising development on the brink of the market-ready product.

Whether and when the products will overcome this threshold is at the discretion of our...

Not your right thing?

What about the naturally finished barkcloth?