02. April 2019

Selection 2019 Green Product Award

BARKTEX®_Tururi+Latex has been nominated for a 2019 Green Product Award. The natural fiber composite from tururi wild growing palm fibre (Manicaria saccifera) and natural virgin latex (Hevea brasiliensis) is the result of a co-development of BARK CLOTH_europe with the Brazilian rubber tapper's co-operative Coomflona. As an exemplary application for the award ceremony on the International Crafts Tradefair in Munich in March 2019, Mr. Markus Werner of the experimental shoe label www.vimagana.com has developed a sandal prototype: the upper has been made with BARKTEX®_Tururi+Latex, the insole upper has been made with raw Tururi fiber without latex coating.

Info: Website of the 2019 Green Product Award

Download: Description BARKTEX®_Tururi+Latex (explanation of the material/concept, text only)

Download: Presentation BARKTEX®_Tururi+Latex (pictures + german text)

Download: Presentation Selva - The Rain Forest Sneaker (pictures + german text)

Sêlva - The Rain Forest Sneaker has in 2012 already been awarded with a nomination for the first German Federal Ecodesign Award. For further info please follow this link