Manufactured biocomposite sheets made of banana fiber and vegetable-based PU. 100% biobased.

VegaPlac is the only 100% biobased fiber material composite panel available in Europe, which has a biopolymer content.

Use as veneer. Can be slightly molded.

Format: approx. 55 x 55 cm.

Thickness: approx. 0.7 mm.

Tone: brown or brown with a decorative créme colored fiber topping

Available with one or two-sided bio-polyurethane coating. For most applications, we do recommend the cheaper single-sided PU coating

Further strengths, formats and sounds / colors are not available anymore or not yet available in the foreseeable future. Currently, remaining stocks are available in green, blue, red and yellow, most in 0.5 mm thickness.

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Credits/Fotos: Fibradesign / Materia Brasil / SH Woodshop Rob Ferguson