Bark cloth dyed with natural colors in dark brown/ chocolate and black tones.
Here, natural colors from our own production are used. Tones with restricted light-fastness can be offered upon request: red (madder root, redwood), black with blue cast (logwood), violet (logwood) and yellow (curcuma). Dyes for these tones are from the natural color producer Livos. Since no white cloth, but light brown BARK CLOTH_tradition_0131 is dyed, the results are mostly subtle pastel tones, partly with a brownish touch.

Therefore, dyeings in accordance with RAL or Pantone color pattern systems are not possible. Standardized uniformity is not our thing, tree-bark fleece is now as individual as your customers. However, we offer you our in-house developed color card system, which allows you to approximately determine the desired color.

Formats: 130 x 255cm, 140 x 275 cm, 150 x 280 cm, 165 x 300 cm, 175 x 320 cm. Larger formats on request. The smaller formats are permanently available on Germany stock. Each piece of BARKTEX® is a harvest of one tree. In contrast to many other natural materials, it is not a fragmented material that is reassembled by means of binders of any size, we are dependent on what nature offers us. Therefore, large formats can occasionally be rare.