BARK CLOTH_tuno_0170

originates from the biosphere reserve of Rio Patuca at the border region of Honduras and Nicaragua, the largest coherent primary rainforest north of the Amazon.

It is beige and of extraordinary strong texture. Traditionally, it is produced by members of the Miskito and the threatened Tahwaka people, a people with a population of only a few thousand. Day-long trips by canoe are required to procure it. Within the scope of a development aid project in cooperation with the GIZ, an implementation agency of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, we are currently procuring small amounts of this noble, scarce material. The ability for delivery is not yet constant, so we advise against the development of industrial applications with this material. It is however suitable for projects where smaller quantities of an extraordinary material with a strong haptic experience are sought.

Background report (Englisch, PDF Download, ca. 200 KB)