Automotive - Advanced Design Projects

References: Strähle + Hess and Schäfer-Oesterle and Quin Automotive and Imat Uve and Uta Krieger / incolour

Increasingly more expressive, more sophisticated and more powerful exterior forms are reflected more and more in the interior. In addition to the increasing variety of technical functions, the interior quality of the vehicle is also crucial.

BARKTEX® kills two birds with one stone: it increases the quality of the experience and makes an enormous contribution to differentiation. Because your customers do not all have the same taste.

That the supplier is not worth a hill of beans, however, you shouldn’t accept from us. We not only want your money, but also your social skills are important to us. Our philosophy, our mission statement and our professional background all agree that the supplier is just as valuable as its client. Without a deep-seated customer understanding of the cultural background of the material, its origin and unusual production methodology, we would not be successful and there would be no systematic production in industrially interesting levels, thus no BARK CLOTH®. A first step towards this understanding is the recognition that samples have their value. You can find out more in our online shop.

Possibilities of BARKTEX® - examples:

  • Trims
  • Consoles
  • Headliners
  • Door trims
  • Steering wheels, Gear
  • Backlighting
Credits/Fotos: Strähle+Hess, Imat Uve, Uta Krieger, BARK CLOTH_europe